A walk in the runway

Who we are..

SRISHTI NGO is an Organization that strives for authentic handwoven fabrics and eri/muga silk. We work in the rural areas of Assam which has a history of handloom textile and silk yarn production. Our work consists of organising weavers, spinners, reelers and artisans of all kinds, provide them training, arrange them into small self help groups, provide technical and basic infrastructural support for streamlined production. the artisans are also provided design and marketing support.
Srishti handlooms is an ethical fashion organization and we strive to provide maximum benefits to the people and community involved in the whole process of manufacturing. Srishti strives for minimum impact on the environment and sustainability.
Srishti gives training, marketing support, production of yarn and emphasis on quality production. our mission is to promote handwoven Eri Silk in the international arena.