Media and Textiles India 2017

We believe the medias foremost responsibility is to remain fair and unbiased. But when Assam media houses only covers a particular politically backed group at the Textile India 2017 publicizing it as “the only organisation that made it big at the event”, we Srishti Handlooms, as part of the Assam Textile community find it extremely disappointing and discouraging with this unethical method of journalism.

While we are very supportive of the organisation- Golden Thread’s media coverage and firmly believe that coverage on any traditional handloom organisation helps the entire textile community as a whole.

However, we also believe, there were many local and independent organisations, including us, that deserves our due credit. We have slogged hard to be a part of this national event and contributed as much as the media publicized organisation has to represent the handloom culture of Assam.


Srishti Team.



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