Winter Special Scarf

By Lymiee Saikia

If you were to casually explore the nostalgic past of Assamese culture, you will realize people were far ahead of their times than they seemed to be. While trying to encourage innovation, they remained perfectly astute with running their creations parallel with their beliefs and value systems. A perfect example of a very thoughtful concept is Eri products for winter clothing.

For those of you unaware, Eri silk is also known as ‘Ahimsa silk’ or peace silk. The reason for this unique terminology is the completely harmless process involved in creating Eri silk clothing in which the cocoon of the silkworm procured for production using less violent methods than the normal heat treating. This particular category includes other silk as well such as Muga or Tassar, all of which are heavily used by Assamese folk. The entire procedure involves Eri gardens (which the Srishti NGO team is proud to have as well) after which the Eri is then worked upon in cold temperatures and send to weavers for their imagination and creativity to work magic on the silk. This entire weaving culture has been handed down over generations and the perfection with which this art has evolved over the centuries deserves far more attention than it decidedly gets now.

Winter today may drive you mad with urges to get the perfect layer of warmth around you. But the noticeable mistake people make these is to dismiss available choices that not only give you the kind of warmth you REQUIRE but also let you be far more conscious about the consequences of your purchase. We, as an ethical-fashion-conscious team, believe in championing all possible sustainable ways to tailor clothing which brings in both an impact and environmental value. As much as we care about the quality of clothes we provide you, we also care the simultaneous positive ripple effect brought about in the households of several local weavers who magnificently work on such Eri clothing to keep their customers adequately warm as well as elegantly fashioned for the crippling cold.

Not only will the purchase of these beautiful Eri silk give you the winter care and comfort that you desire, but also the self satisfaction of having contributed to the uplifting of an entire community whose livelihood is based off of this culture of weaving.


In the Photograph:

Model: Elizabeth R. Thiek              Stylist: Dhyani Mohan

Products: Srishti Hnadloom Eri Silk Scarf, Red Eri scarf, Mulberry and Eri Silk Scarf and Purple Cotton Wrapper



  1. ABDUS SOBUR · April 1, 2018

    The effort is very very positive and creative. Our best wishes are always with you. I will be happy enough, if there is a provision to become member of this NGO.Thank you.


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