On the day of Fashion Revolution


The fashion industry is ever growing and is very strongly inter-connected. Connecting industries from one end of the world to the other, the fashion industry is one of the most heavily working industries of this century. Unfortunately for global industries, this means that transparency can easily be lost. Within the clothing industry alone, there are cotton growers, silk breeders, fabric dyers, screen printers, sewers, not to mention zipper and button manufacturers and more.

With all of the middlemen involved, many big brands and retailers cannot point to the factories where their products are from. This causes brands to be unaware of the place or the people that are working for them. This lack of transparency and cost cutting often leads to human rights violations and costs of lives. It is unknown to most that all low paid wagers are the people who are making the clothes and are the worst sufferers of this chain cycle. There are many unsafe and unethical practices that involve around many of clothing production. Starting from chemical dyeing of clothes by hands, huge heating machines for calendaring etc. These processes show how much the addiction of fashion has pushed helpless people to cater to the unethical needs of the high society who dreams are beyond harmful.


This is why we are committed to transparency. Today is fashion revolution day, so take a minute to learn about our impact on the community we work with, what we’re doing to help promote transparency in the industry and how you can help by understanding the local artisans, handloom and handmade weavers, Eco-loving individuals committed to the welfare of a society and the environment.



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