Scarf Romance

IMG_2415It is a love and hate relation that we have with scarves; in summers it’s way too hot and sticky to be wrapped around in the neck but we love it because it protects us from the sun. In the winters the scarf warms us up but if it gets a little hot we are burdened to carry it like a dead organ. But no matter what every girl has that one special scarf that is always with them, in sickness and in style. And why are we forgetting the men? Men look awfully good with a good scarf wrapped around them in a gorgeous kurta.

This is where scarf romance comes in. Imagine your scarf not only makes you look good but also has a completely diverse meaning to it. There are a variety of scarves: woolen, silk, cotton, mulberry, cashmere, netted etc. But what makes me so romantically attached with scarves is the way they are made and feel. From a tiny yarn it is reeled and weaved. Then the scarf goes on to the skilled hands of a fine artist that embroidery every inch of it with completely care; be it just a star studded pin on the surface of scarf or the sewing machine drilling an absurd design into it. If it always gets better when there is a history of love behind the scarf that is worn.

Imagine the scarves you are wearing right now is made by a woman who was once a part of the guerrilla warfare or was captured and abused by terrorists. The woman who once held a gun is now creating scarves and shawls for us to wear.

Many organizations are helping women leave behind a violent past and helping them in settling a life by creating clothes which also consists of scarves. Examples of such organizations are The Fabric Social and Srishti NGO. The women involved in and around the creation of scarves are lovers who have found the pleasure in the simple fabric wrapped around their neck; after all we still recall and remember “The girl in the Green Scarf”.

So, all scarf lovers out there, let us feel fabulous and radiance by wearing the best scarves in the world. Not something that is costly or over rated, instead something which is made by love and has change the lives of a person.

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